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How AI is Disrupting the Sales Motion in 2024

Need your sales team to do more with less in 2024? AI is here to help.

AI Sales

March 19, 2024

David Johnson, Founder of Revy AI

David Johnson

The Future of Sales


Coming out of the SaaS recession of 2022 to 2023, sales teams are under pressure to do a lot more with a lot less. Luckily, the AI revolution has come at just the right time to help sales teams to run leaner and meaner. Let's explore three critical areas where AI is transforming how we sell: hyper-personalized outreach, AI sales copilots, and AI-assisted buyer education.

Hyper-Personalized Cold Outreach

AI has made it possible to personalize cold email and LinkedIn messages at scale. Platforms like Revy make it possible to sift through vast amounts of data to detect relevant trigger events, conduct in-depth research and qualification, build targeted contact lists, and craft personalized messaging, automatically.

AI Sales Copilots

Through our sales careers, many of us have been lucky enough to have had our company’s top-performing rep or a world-class sales enablement leader ride shotgun with us on a deal.

Whether it’s a quick Slack message during a discovery call, targeted coaching after a call, or even a thoughtful retrospective on a lost deal, this experience is insanely valuable to both new and experienced sales professionals alike.

At Revy, we believe that AI is going to take on this “Copilot” function, riding shotgun with sales reps every step of the way - providing real-time tips and coaching during calls, along with thoughtful reviews of deals won and lost.

AI-Assisted Buyer Education

While AI is undoubtedly making it easier for companies to sell, it will also make it easier for buyers to buy.

Buyers are increasingly looking to engage on their terms. These days the sales team is getting involved much later in the customer journey and buyers are looking to educate themselves. In this world, companies need to think not just about how AI can make it easier to sell, but how AI can make it easier for their buyers to buy.

This is a core focus for us at Revy, and we’re having some exciting early discussions with customers about how they can leverage the insights and intelligence they find through their Revy Playbooks to get smarter when it comes to account segmentation, buyer journeys, and content delivery.


To wrap it up, AI is transforming the sales landscape, providing new tools for sales teams to streamline their processes, personalize their outreach, and empower buyers. The future of sales is here, and it's AI-driven end to end.

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AI-powered account research and outbound.

© Revy AI 2024

🦘 Made in Sydney

AI-powered account research and outbound.

© Revy AI 2024

🦘 Made in Sydney

AI-powered account research and outbound.

© Revy AI 2024

🦘 Made in Sydney